Telephone Voice solutions

Telephone Voice solutions

Voice solutions – want to step into the future where technology offers more for less?

We are able to offer you our old school cool Least Cost Routing (LCR) to our latest Next Gen IP Telephony. Our guaranteed service provide quality fixed and mobile corporate communications at substantially reduced rates.

Just CLICK on one of the buttons to find out more about our Least Cost Routing, Next Gen IP telephony or Digital Direct Services.

“Lease cost routing button” “Lease Cost Routing” “Digital Direct Services” “FEATURES & BENEFITS: “Mouse over here to view the features and benefits of utilising our voice solution systems for your company.” “You get!” Multi layered secure Private Network
Utilise existing legacy hardware or evolve to a TeleMasters Cloud PBX
Dedicated digital point to point connectivity
Free Inter-branch and On net calling
Own Number for Life.
True per second billing with guaranteed savings.
Industry leading invoicing and reporting.
Countrywide sales and service footprint.
MoS of 4.25 on entire network. LCR is rated 2.5.
Integrate Voice and Internet Access on Fibre or licensed Microwave.
24/7 Support desk on 087 945 0006 or

For more information do not hesitate to email


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