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Can the wallboard be viewed remotely by users outside of the call centre?

Yes, the wallboard allows up to 5 users to connect remotely to view the wallboard.

Do I need a new wallboard client for each call centre I want to monitor?

The wallboard can monitor multiple call centre queues simultaneously. Screen size and resolution will influence how easily the data can be viewed.

What are the minimum specifications required to run the wallboard?

Supported Operating Systems
– Windows 10 (Desktop mode)

Minimum Hardware Requirements
– 1.8 GHz Pentium-class processor
– Full HD (1080P) display
– 2GB Memory
– 1GB free hard drive space
– Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network
– Keyboard and mouse

How do I re-license the Wallboard Software after a Client re-installation?

– From versions and later, pressing “Release” will release a license from the user previously configured in the username field. If you perform this action then it will make the license (that is associated with the serial number) available for another user.

– On release, the user will also be presented with an unlock code. Please just make a note of this and make it available to the support team if you have any issues registering the serial number on another device.

– Note: For versions prior to a license will not be released and a ticket must be placed on the support desk and the unlock code quoted before the license against the user can be released


Does the app automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data?

Yes, the app will automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you are mid-call there will be a beeping sound while the switch over happens, thereafter the call will continue without being dropped.

I am not able to view a screenshare from my mobile app?

The mobile app does not support the screen share fucntion. Please use the desktop app for a feature rich collaboration experience.


How many phones can be added to one base?

Up to 8 x W56H’s can be registered on a single base

What is the battery life like on the phone?

Up to 30 hours of talk time or 400 hours of standby time

What reach does the phone have?

Up to 50m indoors, 300m outdoors.


How does cloud call recording work?

Telephone calls are recorded with the use of call recording software. The recorded conversation becomes data is then encrypted and stored on an internet based storage system (also called a cloud). This means that the data is not physically stored on site, and cannot be damaged by physical factors such as fire or flood. It also provides organisations online access to the data from any location where there is internet.

How long can call recordings be kept for?

Depending on the industry, call recordings need to be stored for minimum periods of time (usually between 180 days and 5 years). It is, however, possible to store call recordings for much longer than this (or indefinitely) because this data is encrypted and stored in a cloud. The time periods can be specified in your call retention policy.

Why should I use call recording?

Verbal contracts made over the telephone are legislated and regulated throughout the world. Recording these conversations enables organisations to show compliance with certain regulations. It can help to settle disputes, monitor performance, and identify training opportunities. Data from call recording can be used to gain insights into the operation of the call centre or organisation, such as the length of calls, number of deals made, and other valuable information that can help to increase productivity.

Can I restrict access to recordings?

The Atmos interface allows for granular access permissions to be set, ensuring that only authorised users can access call recordings. A full audit trail is built into the system which tracks all access to recordings.

An additional IP whitelist feature allows you to restrict access to the Atmos interface only from specified IP addresses.

What hardware is required?

No hardware is required, as the call recording platform is fully integrated with the Catalytic Voice platform in the cloud and offers unlimited storage in multiple global data centers, allowing for total data sovereignty compliance.

Does the call recording solution offer PCI compliance to protect sensitive financial information?

An add on PCI module is available which scrubs personal financial data across 4 vulnerable layers, providing maximum security for your institution and your customers.
This is implemented through:
Audio redaction which permanently removes any sensitive spoken data from call recordings.
Transcription Hashing removes financial and sensitive customer data inside your Atmos Speech-to-Text transcriptions.
Screen Capture Redaction masks financial data detected inside of Atmos screenshots.
Cloud Encryption conceals the data on the Atmos Call Network with 256-bit AES rotating encryption.

YEALINK CP920 Conference Phone

How many people can connect remotely to a conference call?

The CP960 supports 5 way conferencing.


What are minimum system requirements for the Desktop App?

Operating system:
-Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra,
-Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 (Classical view only).

Minimum system requirements for respective operating systems need to be fulfilled, with the following additions:

-A minimum of 2GB RAM is required.
-A minimum 1.5 GHz CPU is recommended. A dual core CPU is recommended for video calls at a minimum.
-For voice calls, a sound card, speakers, and a microphone or a headset are required.
-For video calls, a webcam is required.

Does the desktop app have a click-to-dial option?

To perform click-to-dial calls first enable the function in the app as follows:

-From the settings menu click the dropdown arrow and select the Outgoing Calls option.
-On the Outgoing calls menu, toggle the Highlight to Call option to ON
-Select the most suitable shortcut key combination from the drop down list e.g. CTRL+Shift+C

To make a call highlight the number with the mouse and then press the shortcut key combination specified.


Can the receptionist client be used for conference calls?

The receptionist client does not have the ability to perform a conference call. If a receptionist is required to setup a conference call between themselves and 2 other parties, they will use their handset or soft-client to initiate the conference.

Can the receptionist console be used for outbound calls?

The receptionist console can be used to initiate an outbound call in the following manner.

From the presence menu:
– right click a contact and click the make call button
– double click on a contact to make a call directly to them

From the search box:
– Type in the number that you wish to dial, and press Enter

From the address book:
– Search for the contact that you wish to call and select the dial option

From the Call History page:
– Use the make call option on the relevant call history item

Additional click to dial functionality can be configured to detect a phone number on any webpage using the following common internet browsers.

– Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox

Any number that is detected can then simply be clicked on with the mouse to initiate an outbound call.

A dialing wizard is also provided which will enable click-to-dial functionality directly from your desktop applications.

Can the reception client be used to dial a list of contacts for an outbound call campaign?

Using the web dialing and dialing wizard features it is possible to create a webpage with a list of contacts with click-to-dial capabilities making the receptionist console an effective tool for users who are tasked at making high volumes of our outbound calls

What hardware is required to use the Receptionist Console?

The receptionist console must be installed on a PC with the following minimum specifications:

Supported Operating Systems

– Windows 10 (Desktop mode)
– Windows 8.1 (Desktop mode)
– Windows 8 (Desktop mode)
– Windows 7 Professional

Minimum Hardware Requirements

– 8 GHz Pentium-class processor
– Full HD (1080P) display
– 2GB Memory
– 1GB free hard drive space
– Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network
– Keyboard and mouse

In addition to the reception operator software the user will require a SIP capable device to handle the media. This can be a supported SIP IP handset or the Catalytic Converge desktop soft client.

Please note that when using the Catalytic Converge Desktop soft client it must be configured as follows to work effectively:

– It must be configured as the user’s primary device
– A custom tag must be added to suppress the client notifications from interfering with the Receptionist Console as follows: %HIDE_NOTIFICATIONS_MODE_DESKTOP% = call

Can the Receptionist Console be used on multiple PC’s simultaneously?

The software can be installed on multiple user’s PC’s at the same time and they will all be able to monitor all users within their organization.

The licensing model requires that a unique license must be installed per instance of the software. Using the same license key on more than one PC will result in an error.

Can the Reception Console be used as a monitoring tool by managers to track the telephone usage of staff?

The Receptionist console has the capability to monitor the live status of any extension configured in the organization indicating if the user is available to receive a call or busy on a call, or is states such as DND, and call forward have been enabled.

The receptionist console does not provide historical reporting on user’s availability or telephony usage patterns. We provide an online reporting tool called ATOM that will report on the following:

– Inbound calls answered/unanswered
– Outbound calls
– Call duration
– Call costs

Will ring back calls be indicated in the Receptionist Console?

Calls that ring back to the receptionist if the transferred to party does not answer will return to the incoming calls pane on the main interface as any other call. It will not distinguish that the call is returning.

Need Help?

For further support please call us directly on 011 706-1500.

If you have are an existing Catalytic client you can contact our direct support line on Tel: 087 945-0006