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Catalytic Converge Mobile

We offer backups, archiving, exchange, apps and tools. With everything in the Cloud, flexibility, convenience, accessibility and future-proofing are a certainty. To make your business more focused, productive and frictionless, we offer solutions that provide alternatives to the way ‘things have always been done’. This means less hardware, less vendor-specific lock-in, and faster connections, with the ability to connect from anywhere.
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What is Catalytic Converged Unified Communications?

Catalytic Converge is an intuitive mobile app optimised for business messaging, audio and video calling, and conferencing capabilities.

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Who is it for?

Ideal for road warriors, business teams, executives and managers, Catalytic Converge keeps mobile professionals fully connected to the workplace with easy access to people and information from their smartphone or PC.

All the features you need in one app, across multiple devices

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