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To be able to fully understand your companies Telephone system requirements may at times seem rather daunting – What you can afford now, growth into the future. Who do you trust? So many options, like a full range of video, audio and collaboration unified communication terminal solutions. Huh .... what’s that! That’s where we come in. Our vast knowledge gained over the last 27 years in the Communication platform industry has allowed us to select products that are designed to integrate easily within different server platforms in various market segments worldwide and are suitable for use in any communication environment large or small. We have tried to break it down into your typical company structure from the top to the bottom ensuring an excellent user experience, easy deployment and optimal cost performance. These solutions help enterprises to increase communication efficiency and to reduce communication costs. Give me a call and I will gladly assist.
Marion Williams-Wynn
Managing Director

WE SUGGEST the Yealink SIP T46G ....


General requirements of business executives for desk phones include:

  • Graceful industrial design;
  • User-friendly interface with zero or minimal learning cost;
  • Strong hands-free voice performance for efficient communications;
  • Rich functions, such as BLA/BLF, fast-dialing.


Yealink Executives Solution and Benefits

Management level executives play an important role in your organization. The right desk phone can help them achieve higher levels of communication efficiency and collaboration. General requirements for desk phones include:

  • Quick and accurate access to the designated contact person;
  • Multi-line support for faster decision making;
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets that give more freedom at work

Yealink Manager Solution and Benefits

Yealink’s SIP-T46G with the EXP40 Expansion Module is the ideal pairing for management-level executives. SIP-T46G features a 4.3-inch 480×272-pixel backlit color display for a pleasant user experience. Up to 27 paperless DSS keys are available for customized programming. Fast-dial codes in a customizable directory and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys for co-workers help to increase productivity.

The SIP-T46G supports up to 6 expansion modules for better management of contact groups. The EXP40 Expansion Module features a 160×320-pixel graphical LCD display and 20 dual-color LED keys that signal a contact’s communication status.

The SIP-T46G offers support for a Bluetooth headset, providing management users greater freedom and convenience.

WE SUGGEST the Yealink SIP T40G and or T42S .....

For most employees, high and stable performance tops their requirement list for an IP phone. As the base line phone system we offer you the Yealink Ultra Elegant Gigabit IP-Phone SIP T40G

For a little more per unit and the actual requirement of the staff member we suggest the Yealink SIP-T42S

An example could be for IT staff. With auto provisioning and update support for mass deployment greatly facilitate management. Detailed requirements include:

  • Auto-deployment, plug-and-play;
  • Support for local server network settings (VLAN, security protocols, etc.);
  • Stable performance, HD voice and ease-of-use.

Staff Solution and Benefits:

Yealink offers a wide range of enterprise-grade IP phones. The classic SIP-T42G Gigabit IP phone boasts a 192×64-pixel gray-scale backlit LCD display for a clear visual experience. Optima HD voice and the G.722 codec gives users life-like voice quality. The SIP-T42G ensures efficient and accurate calling with features like an XML phonebook and intelligent search.

IT staff find the SIP-T42G appealing because it supports a multiple “zero-touch” mass deployment method and includes DHCP option 66 and PnP. After the phone is unpacked and powered on, the phone configures itself by auto-downloading files from the server, including account settings and a synchronized company phonebook. IT settings for the IP phones are pre-set in the IP-PBX system. It’s that simple.

The SIP-T42G also features high security with support for multiple VoIP network security protocols, including TLS/SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, VLAN QoS, LLDP-MED and IPv6.

The SIP-T42G boasts stable performance and full functions. It’s easy to deploy and to use and offers a high ROI, making it the ideal model for your employees. Yealink also offers many other models with similar high-quality features.


Yealink Ultra Elegant Gigabit IP-Phone SIP T40G



Yealink Ultra Elegant Gigabit IP-Phone SIP T42S

WE SUGGEST the Yealink SIP T46G with expansion pack EXP40 to suit the qty of staff ......

Receptionists are some of the busiest persons in an organization. They are on the phone all day, directing incoming calls to various departments and extensions. Requirements for their desk phones include:

  • Multi-line support;
  • Efficient operations;
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets, especially when multitasking.

Yealink Receptionist Solution and Benefits:

Yealink’s SIP-T46G with the EXP40 Expansion Module is the ideal pairing for receptionists and secretaries. It features up to 10 multifunction line keys to easily make or receive multi-line calls, or to switch between lines. SIP-T46G supports up to 6 expansion modules for better management of contact groups. The EXP40 Expansion Module features a 160×320-pixel graphical LCD display and 20 dual-color LED keys that signal a contact’s communication status. Simply by pressing a button, the incoming call can be transferred, helping receptionists and secretaries simplify their workflows.

The SIP-T46G provides support for Bluetooth headsets, providing receptionists and secretaries greater convenience when multitasking.

Yealink also offers the economical SIP-27P/ SIP-T29G with the EXP20 Expansion Module, boasting similar high-quality features for receptionists and secretaries.

LCD Expansion Module

  • An exclusive collection which quality and detailed designs
  • Rich visual experience with 160×320 graphic LCD
  • 20 physical keys each with a dual-color LED
  • 2 independent control keys are used for fast switch pages
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • Wall mountable

As your company grows, just add on an extra Module ... Easy Peasy

Yealink LCD Expansion Module EXP40

We also have various headsets and Bluetooth options

USB Mono Headset

WE SUGGEST the Yealink DECT IP W60P and extra W56H handsets ......

On-the-move employees such as warehouse personnel, SOHO workers, workshop managers, supermarket staff and receptionists all expect their communication terminals to have robust features:

  • Wide wireless signal coverage;
  • Stable and high-quality voice performance, even on the move;
  • Excellent battery capacity for conversations and stand-by time;
  • Support for rich phone functions such as a remote phonebook and three-way-conferencing.

Yealink Wireless Solutions and Benefits:

Yealink’s revolutionary new W60P expands on the success of the widely adopted W56P, by even further increasing the performance of the base station. The Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P now allows for up to 8 handsets to be connected to a single base station, and up to 8 simultaneous calls. In addition, the W60P retains all the great features which were found on the W56P, such as extended talk/standby times, USB quick charging and an elegant appearance. The W60P is your ideal DECT mobility solution to meet the mobility needs of on-the-move employees.

Yealink’s wireless DECT solutions cover an indoor range of 50 meters and an outdoor range of 300 meters. Each base station supports up to 8 handsets and up to 5 repeaters for wide coverage. Yealink’s DECT solutions further increase user’s communication efficiency with rich phone functions, including Remote Phonebook, three-way-conferencing, call hold and call transfer. Support for Over-The-Air (OTA) auto provisioning and updating enables mass deployment, making management even easier.

The IP W60p consists of 1 x base station W60B and 1 x Premium Range IP DECT Cordless Handset W56H. each Base station can handle 8 handsets so you will require 7 more W56H phones per base

Yealink DECT Base Station W60B
Yealink DECT W56H cordless handset
Yealink DECT IP Phone W60B

Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P

WE SUGGEST the Yealink HD IP Conference Phone CP920 ........

Yealink HD IP Conference Phone CP920

Yealink HD IP Conference Phone CP920

Collaboration and teamwork make an important contribution to business success as workers become more and more specialized. Multi-party conferencing is an essential work tool for today’s businesses. Efficient and productive meetings allow faster decision-making, greater productivity and competitiveness. General requirements for audio conferencing include:

  • High voice quality and clarity;
  • Full phone features;
  • Flexibility

Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution and Benefits:

In 2015 Yealink introduced its Audio Conferencing Solution with the pairing of the Diamond IP conference phone CP860 and the CPE80 Expansion Model for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Combining original design and industry-unique features, the pairing increases meeting productivity through exceptional voice communications. But now we have the later Yealink HD IP CP920 Conference phone. The Yealink CP920 is designed to be the ideal fit for small to medium boardrooms with an impressive voice pickup range of up to 6 meters, in all directions. With industry leading features, such as built-in Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi, it’s never been easier to connect and communicate with your boardroom solution. In addition, the Yealink CP920 utilises Yealink’s Noise Proof technology which is designed to eliminate background noise and improve audio quality.

Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution allows for 360-degree surround sound pick-up in a six-meter range via three built-in microphone matrixes. The solution is suitable for small to medium-sized meeting rooms of up to sixty square meters. Full duplex technology, auto-echo cancellation and reverb elimination make conference calls as natural as being in the same room.

Other features of the Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution provide added value and convenience. With easy USB recording, the CP920 helps users to review a call or share important conferencing moments. Five-party conferencing helps to enhance communications and reduce facility costs. With Built-in Bluetooth and USB Call Recording.

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