Every great business is built on great connections between great people

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Marion Williams-Wynn


First came crude stone tools, then fire, the wheel. Agriculture. Copper, bronze, iron. Silicon. And, in the world of telecoms technology, there was cave painting, then hieroglyphs, the printed page. Telegraphs, telephones, televisions, and then the entire spectrum of telecoms we have today.

So, if it’s time for your business to empower its human connections, then it’s time to speak to us.

As an organisation, we are not afraid of putting skin in the game.

We’re celebrating over 20 years in the South African telecommunications industry, and we’ve been a listed company on the AltX of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) since 2007 – which means that it’s essential we meet high compliance and financial standards.

We deliver business solutions → solution-focused vs technology-focused

We don’t push brands or vendors at all costs → we’ll address a unique business requirement and underpin that with the relevant technology

We are flexible → we will use our ingenuity to craft the best solution for your business

We allocate a trusted advisor to take care of you → we cherish relationships with our customers and will grow and nourish these actively.


We are accessible → we don’t have a massive call centre where you’ll get lost → you’ll have a ‘flat’ escalation plan available to you.

We’re ECS and ECNS license holders – which demands that we meet high technical and regulatory compliance standards.

We’re the only ISO-accredited operator to provide a monthly quality and savings guarantee. And, with our own network/termination for corporate voice and data services, we’re always growing – and currently serving 4 000 customers nationwide.

Our passion to improve the personal connections between people over and above our technology has become the underlying motivation for everything we do, both internally and externally.

At one point, this was simply reflected in taking ownership of the costs if we couldn’t deliver better solutions. But it has now evolved to include the risks we absorb in experimentation and testing. Wherever there is an opportunity, new thinking or new technology to improve human connections, we fearlessly jump in.
About Catalytic
Because every great business is built on great connections between great people.

We love uncomplicated logistics and long, rewarding customer relations. We aim to make the business of doing business with us easy and rewarding. We become the trusted advisor of choice with all our customers and a seamless part of their business.


We provide options → we have a national, redundant network through which our customers get access to over 10 transmission providers