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We focus intently on your business customers and enable conversations so that your people can connect effortlessly. We make sure that your communications portfolio is ‘simplicated’, yet future-proof, scalable and feature-rich.

Cloud Communications

SIP Trunking –

Digital Direct -Connect a traditional premise-based PBX with SIP Trunking? We like to call it Digital Direct, because ISDN technology is just so outdated. In addition to being more flexible and scalable, our Digital Direct product also enables business to access features in the Cloud that are not available on their traditional PBX. When your premise-based PBX reaches end-of-life, we’ll provide you with a smooth transition to Cloud-based services with even less hassle and more features than you’re used to.

Virtual PBX

Our VPX solution sets you free from the endless cycle of upgrading to expensive hardware. Our cloud-based VPX solution is packed with benefits like: Extensive, easy-to-use features that can make your business more successful. Simplified infrastructure - with PCs and phones running on the same network. Reduced return on investment - so you wont need to pay for a call out when you can do it yourself. Unlimited scalability - so you can grow your business without worrying about how your infrastucture will support your growth. Centralised management - so your technology can now move at the same pace as your company. Increased mobility - so you can work from anywhere and increase your staff productivity. Failproof future-proofing - your technology investment, where we take care of upgrades and maintenance requirements, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Unified Communicattions

UC is an integrated business communications solution that vastly improves your daily workflow and works from wherever you happen to be. UC provides integrated business phone services, messaging and presence, audio and videoconferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, virtual meeting rooms and more. Presence and location information that enables you to set your presence availability and indicate where you are, so your colleagues know when it’s best to contact you and via what medium. Instant messaging that enables you to send a message directly to a person for immediate feedback, to jump the email queue and get quick answers, and to communicate quickly and concisely with 1-1 and group chat within a secure enterprise environment. Audio calling that allows you to escalate from a chat window to an audio call by simply clicking a button. Video calling that allows you to escalate from a chat window or audio call to a HD video call. Content sharing that enables you to share a document, presentation or spreadsheet live from your PC in real-time. By getting ‘on to the same page’ in the decision-making process, you’re saving time and effort – and paperwork. File sharing that enables you to simply drag and drop your document into the chat window to instantly send the document to the person on the other side. On the move collaboration that enables you to call, message and meet while you’re on the go, via PC or mobile application, with up to 15 video participants.

ATOM Analytics

Our ATOM platform provides insight into how well you deploy our communications services. Contained within our ATOM analytics is rich and resourceful information on how efficiently communication flows within your business. The business-critical information we report on includes: Incoming calls, so you know how many calls during which period of the day to which department/person, which, in turn, provides insight into resource planning and productivity optimisation.. Outgoing calls, so you know how many calls during which period of the day from which department/person, which, in turn, provides insight into HR efficiency and potential training enhancements. Capacity planning, so you know when to upgrade or downgrade infrastructure based on current information at hand. Capacity planning – know when to upgrade or downgrade infrastructure based on current information at hand. This allows your business to be more dynamic and responsive to a rapidly evolving business environment.


Our Call Center solution provides customers with a highly flexible, feature-rich, fully integrated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Call Center service that supports the requirements of every business customer. Functionality range from simple hunting and queuing for individuals and work groups to sophisticated call distribution and routing, conditional announcements, agent availability states, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and monitoring and reporting. We also offer a Wallboard solution which is a lightweight, easy-to-install and cost-effective ACD Wallboard for use on PCs. The Wallboard displays the live statistics of a call centre, allowing you to track call centre operations at any point in time.


Call recording is a core compliance, quality assurance and training requirement of business. Yet, for most businesses, implementing an enterprise call-recording solution can be a daunting task involving costly, complex on-site recording equipment and storage systems. You can overcome these challenges by talking to us. Our offering is user-friendly and easy to use. We take care of everything in the Cloud, which means, regardless of whether you want to record one user or a thousand, we will have you up and running in no-time – and you can access your recordings from anywhere.

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