November 2020

Good Morning!

In these trying times during Covid 19 and the poor state of the worlds economy, it is my pleasure to bring to your notice this promotion I am running as a Black Friday type special.

If this is something that will benefit you or your company please don't hesitate to contact me!

Marion Williams-Wynn
Managing Director - The MD
black friday

Today's Top Stories

Voice Over IP (VoIP) What does it mean?

Confused over terms..... VOIP - What does it mean? "Make calls over the internet. Reduced call rates. Increased capacity" VoIP is also called Voice over Internet Protocol (IP). It simply means sending voice calls over the Internet as opposed to traditional telephone lines. For the user it feels exactly the same as making a conventional call. Transmitting voice over the …

PBX vs PABX. Is there really a difference?

PBX vs PABX. Is there really a difference? Briefly, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. The word ‘Automatic’ is indicative of the essential difference between the systems. This means that a PABX exchange is an automated PBX exchange. Thus, PABX is just one type of PBX, but what are the main differences? …

Hosted Telephone Systems - Parts 1 to 3

Hosted Telephone Systems - Parts 1 to 3
We provide a host of telephony platforms for our customers to allow them to take advantage of telephony services without having on-site equipment. The terms "hosted" and "cloud communications" really are very interchangeable. They mean one and the same thing. The term cloud is relatively new and simply refers to services that are provided by a third-party provider in the …
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