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Most of the products marketed by The MD is supplied by Catalytic as Marion Williams-Wynn believes they are the market leaders in “PBX Virtual switchboard systems.” The MD still supplies conventional switchboard systems and phones if required but finds that cloud computing systems are becoming the norm. Her staff are always amazed at how much money is wasted every month by companies who just take their basic Telkom bill for granted and if they can’t save you money or help you expand your system, they just wont sell you anything. The bottom line is …

Saving you Money!

“If we cant save you money, then WE don’t make any money”

“Its the connection that matters”

Quality above all

This is Rule #1:
Quality above all – then efficiency.  Our advanced interconnection platform and technology means we can pass on these efficiencies to our Customers in the form of such higher quality and lower prices.

FutureProof™ your Voice, Data and Cloud services

We’d like to FutureProof™ your communications. With 19 years in LCR and our 6th year in fixed line communications, we have built up a reputation for highest quality voice communications. We measure the quality live and are proud to surpass the expectations of ICASA by a wide margin. In the ISP and data services space, we can boast the keenest minds in the industry and the service to match.

Own network | Own termination | Independent

Our network is built on the Internationally acclaimed BroadSoft platform, which controls every IP session directly – calls never touch the public internet. Switching a client to a Cloud PBX now becomes a matter of onsite equipment and a voice-quality LAN. We standardise our equipment to be able to remotely set-up, change, diagnose.

Failover and Redundancy

We have multiple failovers in our core network, failover at site (Optional extra if selected), constant firmware and stable software mass updates to every equipment type on our Network – as well as multiple security layers.

Support and Monitoring

With over 99% service response in 3 hours or less, we are rivaling the best of the best in what our customer values most: quality voice and data service with maximum uptime. We have pioneered a patent-pending ViPN failover system for all services. We use Nagios, VOIP monitor and Percolate for full-network diagnosis. Our support system is done in real-time on T-Track and support calls are logged from report to termination and reported to ICASA. We use on-site probes to measure and maintain line quality.

Industry Leading Reporting

We make, keep and report on our promises: in the form of an extensive Executive Report . Customers know that we are continuously striving to provide best of breed cloud based services that promotes efficiencies and user experiences.


We are the handshake types – our agreement with you will contain no hidden surprises as we value long term relationships with our customers above all as the metric for sustained success.

And that’s where Catalytic is so different to other telecoms companies.

We never mistake the phone for the call; we never mistake the technology for the conversation.

And that’s where Catalytic is so different to other telecoms companies.

We never mistake the phone for the call; we never mistake the technology for the conversation.

The most important question we ask, is how we can improve the connections between the people using our connections.

When you partner with Catalytic, we embark on a shared journey to help you fully transition to the digital world. As part of this collaborative process, we provide analytics and insight into what’s happening at a granular level in your business, enabling you to make swifter business decisions and ultimately be more productive.

Our offering allows you to evolve at your own pace, knowing that we are ready with future-proof solutions as soon as you are. Our skin-in-the-game approach makes us active participants in your business evolution, with the reassurance that we share risk and will always be there to ensure that the solution performs optimally.


Marion Williams-Wynn

Marion Williams Wynn the Managing Director of this telecommunications consultancy has been involved in the industry since her early days marketing Siemens systems over 27 years ago. She has consistently dominated this industry by ensuring that the client always gets offered the best systems available.

Each business has different needs and by clearly identifying those needs she is able to recommend the best solution, tailor made for that client.

We all know that in warfare communications is the key element to success. If you relate this to your business you will understand that if your communications are not up to scratch or are constantly down, it won’t be long before you lose business. It’s the same in war – take out their communications and you have won the battle. She has installed in her staff the same ethos and business acumen that “The MD” swears by. Do it right – plan ahead – and give the client only what they require.